VR mind debriefing

People who have gone through forced migration processes, are marked by a state of absence as their culture, customs and traditions are suddenly destroyed, and their identities questioned. 

A state of mental absence occurs when the brain shuts down its functions to be aware of the reality, this is a common phenomenon among those who have autism or who have suffered any brain damage. Children at refugee camps are the best example to illustrate how does this phenomenon affects human beings and their mental environment.

Neurodidactic studios reveal that individuals need a certain excitement in their brains before starting any learning process in order to stimulate certain areas of the brain that allow better success.

Having these facts as a frame of work the following tool has been developed responding to the following questions:

How can individuals turn a state of absence into a source of creativity? 

How might the act of sharing can be provoked among children of displaced communities? 

The questions posed here, derive from the exploration of an approach to develop an innovative educational initiative based on the creation of safe spaces, where children can acquire the means to successfully be integrated into new communities without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

The experience mixes alpha-betha waves music with a story that has been translate into arabic.