#Ecorunners Rubuguri, Uganda

The Ecorunners, is a community of young runners who perform different actions to keep the areas where they run  (and live) free of waste. This project is the outcome of applying Spacey with a group of kids in Bwindi Southern Sector, Rubuguri, Uganda.


Rubuguri is in Kisoro District, located in the southwestern corner of Uganda, where it borders with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The District is mountainous and rises an average of 1,980 metres (6,500 ft) above sea level. Due to the delicate nature of the environment and the pressure of a rapidly increasing  population, the natural environment  is under severe threat of degradation.

The district is inhabited by the Bafumbira, comprising Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa tribes. The economy depends on agriculture, on a subsistence level.

The community:

Is defined by children aged between 8-12 years young, who meet every tuesday and thursday to run around their town as part of the training activities they perform as members of the  Rubuguri Silverback athletics club, managed by Akampurira Gordon, a young and enthusiastic inhabitant of the area who shares with the kids his passion for sports and running.

The challenge

It was found that constantly, when the kids are running or playing they get hurt by the pieces of wood, glass, plastic and other artefacts that are thrown unconsciously in the fields. Therefore, the challenge for them is to set a plan of action to maintain clean the running trail.


The agreements

After taking the group into a collective discussion of their reality, they stated different ways to overcome their communal challenge, and therefore agreed to take small actions to preserve the areas where they run free of litter.

-Clean the field where they run: to make it look ‘smart’, avoid diseases and prevent accidents.

The solutions

– Carry on a quick litter picking before they run

– Share with the rest of the town their desires of keep it clean

-Install waste baskets around the playground

The proposition

Create a movement of conscious runners who care about the areas where they run in order to promote and develop better living standards: The EcoRunners

Turinomuhangi abel 13 years old P4 class

Akakwasa daud 14 years old p4 class.

Mugisha robert 13 years old p5 class

Bavuka chrisipas 13 years old p6 class

Zekaraga 14 years old p6 class

Niwamanya deus 11 years old p4 class

Maniriho alex 12 years old p5 class

Byaruhaga raubeni 10 years old p4 class

Ainembazi alovia 12 years old p4 class

Monday manuel 14 years Old p4 class

Akesiga agapito 15 years old senior one class

Mugisha godfrey 15 years old senior one class

Kinyange libert 10 p4class

Tuesday cosum 13 p6 class

Atuheri oscar 13 years old p7 class

Ainembabazi melivin 13 years old p4 class

Tukamuhebwa abel 13 years old p5 class

Nsengimana mbabazi 13 years old p6 class

Lucky ivan 11 years old p4 class

Niwamanya dismas 11 years old p 4 class

Turinawe iginitious 14 years old p7 class

Tukasigura elijah 12 years old p6 class

MUsiguzi roland 11 years old p6 class

Tumhimbise johnson 12 years old p6 class

Ayebare clever 12 years old p3 class

Agaba hannington 11 years old p3 class

Ruhangariyo ivan 13 years old p7 class

Mugisha bright 15 years old p6 class

Asimwe oscar 14 years old p7 class

Nasasira anthlem 12 years old P5 class

Ainamazima Ambrose 14 years old senior two class


As a way to incentivize the actions they are doing, we are committed to getting shoes to these kids, so they can run faster towards a better future.

Can you help? The process is fast, easy, and secure. We truly appreciate any support you can provide. If you can’t make a donation at this point, help us reach our goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to our page!

Thanks so much for your generosity and for helping get long-lasting shoes to our kids!

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